• Resident-serving feature provides resident visibility on Work Order processing
  • Organizational tools keep you on track during the management process
  • Action log with notes and attachments to document progress
  • Private Portal for Vendors

Streamline work order processing with automated communication and easy-to-use organizational tools

Nabr Network’s Work Order system software simplifies HOA work order management processing in community associations. HOA residents can easily submit maintenance requests online and using the mobile app. The site admin can process the maintenance request with our easy to use web based Work Order management tools, and log and track the workflow of the repair.

The Nabr Network Work Order system allows site admins to create custom online maintenance request forms that can be completed by residents and submitted to a site administrator/manager. The site admin can then process the request by applying status changes, adding notes, associating a vendor, adding images and attachments, and notifying the resident if more information is needed. All steps are logged in chronological order for record keeping. The admin can also set a due date on the submitted maintenance request for easy follow up.

The Work Order system doesn’t require you to learn any new skills. The work order submission and management interfaces are intuitive for all users. Our Work Order system streamlines your work order process for a more efficient outcome.

The Work Order system access and processing rights can be customized for different user types. You can choose who can access the submitted requests, view them and process them.

Ready to learn more? Contact Nabr Network for a private demo of our Work Order System.

NEW: Vendor Portal

The Nabr Network Work Order System includes a secure portal for vendors to manage assigned work orders. Vendors can login to a secure Nabr Network portal to check and accept work orders, and update the status of existing work orders they are working on. This is truly a win-win setup as it allows vendors to manage their projects more efficiently while reducing managers’ work load of needing to update the cases. As always, the system is integrated with system notifications that keep everyone on track.