• Public / private settings for all resource information: forms, documents and links.
  • Set a resource to show just for homeowners or homeowners and renters.
  • Easy-to-use upload and document management.
  • Automated post announcement to residents upon uploading a new resource item.
  • Developed for web and mobile.
  • Accessible from the Manager Dashboard.

Nabr Network is a huge proponent of making the association documents visible.

Nabr Network makes sure managers and HOA administrators have a streamlined and easy way to share information with residents. Making the HOA documents easily available to residents saves managers time from having to personally send any documents.

Our Resources Library is a publishing system for important HOA documents, links, and information. Meeting minutes, association rules, HOA forms, and web links are easy to post on the community pages with our simple HOA content management system. As a manager or HOA administrator you can set the viewing rights for each data variable whether a page, a link or a document.

When posting a new document or link, our system can automatically create
a Community Feed post that sends out notifications to residents. Managers can also schedule posts to be pushed out to residents as friendly reminders. If these steps are taken, a manager’s time spent for education of residents and potential violation processing is greatly reduced.

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