PPM’s mobile and web application, PPM NABR, provides the company a competitive advantage

Lewisville, Texas (July 17, 2017) –Nabr Network, the leading mobile and web communication system built specifically for community management companies and their associations, announced the development of the branded PPM NABR application. PPM NABR is offered to PPM’s portfolio of clients.

“PPM is excited to be partnering with Nabr Network to offer a communication platform unlike anything else in the North Carolina market. We feel confident that this partnership is going to keep our company at the top of our industry and ahead of our competitors when it comes to customer care and efficient operations,” stated PPM’s Managing Partner Brooke Hoff.

“Communication is one of the top issues facing community association management professionals. It’s a strategic move for PPM to market their PPM NABR application. Showing that they take communication seriously speaks volumes to potential clients,” remarked James Garner, vice president of business development at Nabr Network.

Nabr Network is the industry’s most comprehensive private communication platform and web presence– specifically developed for community associations. Nabr Network goes beyond traditional websites and email blasts to deliver time-sensitive alerts, reminders and event notifications on the devices that residents prefer to use. Nabr Network’s one-touch communication platform provides management companies and associations the ability to push news through mobile app, text, email, Community Feed and automated web updates. Nabr Network’s integrations with leading industry accounting software companies allow homeowners seamless account access with a single login to their Nabr Network application.

PPM NABR is operated and supported by Nabr Network and the Nabr Network software platform.

About PPM

Professional Properties Management (PPM) has been delivering the highest quality homeowner association, community development and office condominium management services since 1985. PPM serves more than 200 communities and represents over 30,000 homeowners throughout central North Carolina. Learn more at https://ppmral.com/.

About Nabr Network

Nabr Network is a comprehensive web and mobile communication tool, specifically developed for managers and residents of Community Associations. Nabr Network’s software platform is used by community association management companies across the country. Nabr Network is headquartered in Lewisville, Texas. Additional information is available at www.nabrnetwork.com.