• Easy one-touch push of information by manager or administrator.
  • Better access by resident – mobile app, text, email and web.
  • Multiple managers or administrators can push information to the same community.
  • Mobile app for Apple iOS and Android users.

Nabr Network’s multi-platform messaging system allows for maximum reach to your residents.

We live in the day of information in our hand. Email overload if here to stay and seldom visited websites are silos of unread information. Thankfully, Nabr Network’s multi-platform messaging system allows for maximum viewing by the resident.

A community manager or HOA administrator can push content with one-touch to text, email and auto-updated websites. On the other end, the resident receives and interacts with the information in the format they desire. Residents can view the information on their device of choice, including mobile, desktop and tablet.

A resident who lives on their mobile can set their preferences such that they’ll receive text message alerts. This forgoes another email hitting their inbox. Or a resident may opt to receive the same information via email or can regularly check the community feed for updates.

The multi-platform messaging system can be accessed by multiple managers or HOA administrators. Multiple admins with different communication responsibilities can send messages to same residents. For instance, a manager could push more of the official business of the community, like board meetings and minutes. Another administrator could send to the same group the more social or event related information.

An administrator can also be a HOA board member who has only limited access to certain management areas. Consequently, the community manager saves time because he or she does not have to relay information between a board member and the residents.

Our team of community managers can now use Nabr Network’s one-touch messaging system to quickly distribute important information to residents via automated web updates, email, text, iOS/Android notifications, mobile app and the Nabr Network community feed.


President, SCS Management Services

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