How about a community association communication software that works across all platforms: web, mobile web, and mobile apps? How about pushing automated notifications to residents by their method of choice: text, email, iOS push and Android?

Nabr Network’s systems, the Community Feed and the Smart Calendar with RSVP, are integrated with the Nabr Network’s multi-platform notification system. Our HOA communication tools send out information quickly and effectively across the community. This is a great feature for Community Association Managers who are looking to maximize their reach-out to residents.

We know that residents want to be respected and that they want to choose the way they want to be informed about important community happenings and information. That’s why we’ve developed the multi-platform notification system.  Let residents set their preferences for email notifications, iOS push notifications, Android notifications and SMS text message notifications. The frequency of these notifications can be set individually for each community channel.

Members are not required to log in every day to find out what’s new in their neighborhood. According to their chosen settings, community members can receive notifications as frequently as they want. For instance, a member can set their preferences such that they’ll receive an instant notification for each new post to the Community Feed. They also receive reminders when an important association event is just around the corner.

The bottom-line: Our HOA community association software empowers effective communication. Our platform solutions are for web, mobile web, iOS app, and Android App. A maximum reach-out to residents is accomplished with the multi-platform notification system for text, email, iOS push and Android.