Schedule Community Feed posts across one, some or all your communities

Message Scheduling

Easily schedule messages to one, some, or all your communities.

Messages go out across Community Feed, email, and text message.

Time saving automation.

Schedule Posts using your choice of device: Mobile, Tablet, Desktop

Save time and increase communication efficiency with message scheduling.

Using the Manager Dashboard, a manager or HOA administrator can create a Scheduled Post. A scheduled post is a communication that is created once and is scheduled to go out a future date or a recurring basis such as once week, once a month, or annually.

The recurring scheduled posts are useful for sharing answers to common HOA questions, automating friendly reminders of HOA rules, or auto-posting seasonal tips.

The primary benefit of scheduled posts is automation. Once you schedule a recurring post, it never needs to be touched again. Our HOA software for communication management will push out all future posts for you. This is a time-saver and increases your visibility in the community tremendously.

NEW: Content Library

You can add and schedule posts using the Nabr Network Content Library. It includes post templates for most association topics. Admins can also add and share their own templates. Each template can be edited and customized to your specific needs. The Nabr Network Content Library is one additional feature on the platform that will increase your communication efficiency and make your tasks easier! As always, you can add and manage posts and use the library on the device of your choice – mobile, tablet and web.

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