Think about the mobile apps on your smartphone. You probably have a banking app, utilities apps, retail apps, etc. There’s an app for almost everything. We have come to expect the ease of mobile apps, but what makes them so indispensable?

Here are three primary expectations we have from our mobile apps and why they matter to your community association management business.

  1. Apps empower us with DIY, self-service technology. We can help ourselves using mobile apps. No one wants to make a phone call and sit on hold just to have a question answered. We’re accustomed to finding the information we need, quickly and easily, from mobile apps. Association information shouldn’t be any different. Meet this expectation by offering valuable information and account details via a mobile app. This not only helps the homeowner; your bottom-line will also benefit from improved productivity and fewer phone calls to community managers.


  1. Apps are Accessible 24/7. Thanks to Google, we are all accustomed to getting the information we need at any time. Just think about how many times you’ve accessed your banking information after business hours. Homeowners expect this level of availability. Offer the convenience of Association account access around the clock to meet these expectations and keep owners happy.


  1. Apps are Portable. We are never without our mobile devices. We rely on them to keep us connected on-the-go. Mobile apps are accessible when you’re away from your computer and are out living life! Meet the expectation for portable information by offering a mobile app that provides homeowners essential information—no matter where they are.


Meet your customers where they are by making the move to mobile. Don’t know where to start? Contact Nabr Network! We would be happy to help show you how a mobile app can improve homeowner satisfaction and productivity in your company.