Transparency and open communications lead to more informed, happier homeowners. However, you have to be able to reach these homeowners for your communications efforts to be successful.

Content may be King, but is totally dethroned if no one reads the content. Deliverability and reach are of equal importance as the content you are creating. Today’s homeowners gather their information from multiple sources and across various electronic platforms. When implementing a communications plan, be sure that you are also considering deliverability and reach.

Deliverability refers to the ability for recipients to actually receive a message. If you are using an eblast tool for your communications, your deliverability is only as good as your homeowner email address list. If half of the community does not have an email address in your database, then your deliverability is cut in half. You must be sure that you are pushing out important community association news in a way that homeowners will get the message. Consider also alternatives to eblasts such as text messaging, mobile app notifications and automated website updates. The more channels you push information through, the more your odds of delivery increase.

Improved deliverability leads to increased reach. Reach refers to the number of people who are exposed to your message. When messages are received by homeowners in the way they want to see them, you are maximizing your reach.

Maximizing your messages’ deliverability and reach will create more educated, better-informed homeowners. This means owners are more aware of HOA news and HOA events which benefits all parties. It’s easier to make quorum if homeowners know that an HOA election is coming up. Owners who are critical of the HOA Board or community manager will have their concerns assuaged through transparent communications. You benefit from improving your teams’ efficiency.

If you are struggling with communications reach, give Nabr Network a call. We’d love to share our HOA communications solution with you.