• All of the community’s communication and management tasks can be accessed from the Dashboard.
  • Community Feed, Scheduled Posts, Dynamic Forms, Reservations, and Notices & Requests can be managed at management company level.
  • Quick and Scheduled Messages can be sent with a single push.
  • Messages and resources documents can be set to be published for either owners or renters, or both.
  • Latest Community Feed activity is summarized in one view.

Here’s what you can do from the Dashboard.

Portfolio Management

If you are a portfolio manager, or if you are a management company using our enterprise system, you have HOA management access to ALL of your communities from one centralized dashboard. This is a huge time saver since you don’t need to go in and out of multiple website / email blast areas like some of our competitors make you do. The consolidated Dashboard for managers allows you to send the same message to all of your communities in one-touch or only a selected few. Your choice, your control.

Manage multiple communities in one place

With Nabr Network’s manager dashboard, you can manage multiple communities in one interface with one sign in. No more logging in and out of different association websites. You can navigate between communities with ease.

Post Information to Multiple Communities with One Push

Nabr Network’s manager dashboard gives you the power to post information to one, some, or all your communities. One post from our manager dashboard is all you need to push out communications via text, email, and automated website updates. Imagine the time-savings you’ll enjoy by being able to push out these communications from one dashboard.

Central location for Website Updates

Our manager dashboard gives you easy access to all the HOA website management tools you need. From setting up calendar events to adding documents and creating new web pages, you can do it all from the manager dashboard.

Multi-community access to member accounts data

You can view all member accounts data on a management company level. This includes CCR notices, Work Orders, ARC Requests and Payments information. The multi-community view saves time and allows better HOA data management and exports.

Manage Amenity Reservations

If you are using Nabr Network’s HOA amenity reservation system, our dashboard gives you a central location to access amenity reservations in all the communities you manage. You can view HOA amenity reservations on the management company level and sort them by community and status. Keeping track of all the reservations is a breeze when you have all the information in one place.

Centralized Dynamic Forms Management

You have access to all dynamic online forms in the management company level and you can conveniently copy dynamic forms from one community to another.

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