• Nabr Network integrates with top industry accounting software platforms: Caliber, TOPS, Vantaca, VMS, and more.
  • Residents can help themselves with seamless access to their account data.
  • We sync member accounts, and other account data daily for accuracy.
  • Email authentication checks and email deliverability monitoring is included in our service.

We integrate with leading HOA management software platforms. This furthers our mission of making managers more efficient and providing residents with self-service tools.

Our current integrations include top HOA accounting software such as Caliber SoftwareTOPS Software, Vantaca, and VMS, among others. We can integrate with any HOA software company that has a modern Application Program Interface (API).

There are two general reasons for integration – HOA member database synchronization and giving homeowners easy access to their HOA account information. 

The member database synchronization

The member database synchronization is a practical alternative to entering information separately into both the accounting and Nabr Network databases. The synchronization allows a manager to input new homeowner information into the HOA accounting software — which is then imported into Nabr Network’s databases.

New homeowner accounts added to the HOA software side are imported to Nabr Network daily. New imported homeowner accounts can be set to receive an automatic invitation to the network with login credentials without any additional workload.

If the homeowner owns multiple properties in one or multiple communities, a portfolio account is automatically created on the Nabr Network side upon the import of the owner’s account.

Integrated Account Data via API

Depending on the depth of the API provider, Nabr Network can pull several data points beyond just the HOA member accounts data. We can import from the software side member’s payments history and updates, violations, work orders, ARC Requests, and board documents. Homeowners frequently want to verify payments or view violation notices; our API integration allows homeowners to easily access their HOA account information on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. The homeowner sees their account information within Nabr Network’s HOA website and mobile app without needing to log into an additional portal.

Payment Updates

By integrating and daily syncing with our partners’ HOA accounting software via API, Nabr Network keeps residents HOA payments data page updated. The payments data page can be set to “sync” each day with new data via API.

The result: The account holder in Nabr Network can in their My Account area opt to receive notifications each time their account data is updated. Accessing the payments page one Nabr Network gives the resident a seamless access to their HOA account data. There is no need for the resident to login to any additional networks or web portals.

Community managers can access residents’ payments data from their Manager Dashboard and view this data in multi-community view as well as sort the data by community, account status and member name.

Email Validation

It is our mutual interest to make sure your email notifications reach the resident. That is why Nabr Network validates all emails we import via the API. This ensures that we are only sending emails to valid email addresses, which improves the deliverability of your messages.  If an email address cannot be validated, it will be replaced in Nabr with a placeholder. This will reduce any bounce backs and keeps our deliverability scores high.

Nabr Network also tracks email deliverability to confirm email service providers are delivering emails consistently and timely. We utilize robust delivery analytics tools to ensure the highest level of email deliverability possible. With our active monitoring services, we are able to manage our reputation as a reliable sender and avoid spam blocks.

No integration available?

No problem! We can manually import your communities’ member accounts to our database by using a CSV or Excel file pulled from an accounting report. Nabr Network can also periodically update the member accounts database manually at no additional cost. We can also add a link to your company’s resident portal, if integration in not an option.

Ready to work with your software API

We are always looking for outstanding HOA management software integration partners. Let us know the association management software you use and we will contact them to see if they have an available API.

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