• Private and secure communication tool – only for the use of the residents.
  • Communication can be one-way from manager, or if chosen, interactive with residents.
  • Topic channels are used to categorize discussion threads.
  • “Report a post” feature and blacklisted word filters
  • Designed for optimum web and mobile viewing and posting.
  • Mobile app for Apple iOS and Android users.

Nabr Network’s communication heart is a mobile and web application called the Community Feed.

The Community Feed is a scrolling news feed that is common in typical web and mobile based news feeds. Authorized access to the feed and secure side information requires authentication of the resident through the official association member list. This authentication can be done through HOA accounting software integration or manual synchronization import, handled by Nabr Network. Once authenticated, the resident can logon to their Community Feed and other secure side HOA information on mobile, desktop or tablet.

Choosing Interactivity and Channels

The Community Feed can be set to “one-way” where only information can be posted by managers or authorized designees. Conversely, the Community Feed can be set to “interactive” where authorized residents make posts. The setting for one-way and interactive feature is your choice, Nabr Network can turn it on or off at a flip of a switch.

Posts in the Community Feed are categorized by “channels” for greater eye-catching and sorting. The Association News channel is for the official HOA information by the association. Only community managers and other authorized designees can publish to this channel. Other available channels are Watch Alerts, Lost and Found, Recommendations, General, Social and Groups. A community may choose the channels they want to use. The community can also be set with custom channel names.

Worry-free Interactive Posting

If the interactive Community Feed is chosen, rest assured Nabr Network maintains a strict adherence to our terms of use policies. Nabr Network was created to inform residents in a positive way, as opposed to malicious rants which exist on other systems. To that end, we have created some outstanding control features for interactive posting. These features include character count limits, profanity filters and requirement to accept terms of use for every post. We are proud to say we have little abuse on our system. For that rare occasion when a malicious or negative post is made by a resident, we do not hesitate to remove the post as it violates the Nabr Network terms of use. And if that happens, we are the bad guy, not you, because it’s our terms of use that has been violated.

Community Feed Notifications

A great feature developed for the Community Feed is that residents are not required to log in every day to find out what’s new in their community association. Association News can be received via text message notifications and email notifications. Community managers and HOA administrators find these notifications especially useful in the case of an immediate need for a maximum community outreach.

Mobile Optimized

Nabr Network knows that many residents prefer to use their smartphones. That is why we’ve developed an installable HOA mobile app for Apple and Android. All interfaces in the Community Feed are user-intuitive and specifically designed and developed for mobile with community associations in mind. Our mobile development team tests the HOA communication features weekly and continues pushing seamless upgrades to the HOA apps.

The Nabr Network web and mobile application has helped us provide great service to our communities by increasing communication to our owners.


Chief Operating Officer, Creative Management

  • Easily schedule messages to one, some, or all your communities.
  • Messages go out across Community Feed, email, and text message.
  • Time saving automation.
  • Schedule Posts using your choice of device: Mobile, Tablet, Desktop

Save time and increase communication efficiency with message scheduling.

Using the Manager Dashboard, a manager or HOA administrator can create a Scheduled Post. A scheduled post is a communication that is created once and is scheduled to go out a future date or a recurring basis such as once week, once a month, or annually.

The recurring scheduled posts are useful for sharing answers to common HOA questions, automating friendly reminders of HOA rules, or auto-posting seasonal tips.

The primary benefit of scheduled posts is automation. Once you schedule a recurring post, it never needs to be touched again. Our HOA software for communication management will push out all future posts for you. This is a time-saver and increases your visibility in the community tremendously.


NEW: Content Library

You can add and schedule posts using the Nabr Network Content Library. It includes post templates for most association topics. Admins can also add and share their own templates. Each template can be edited and customized to your specific needs. The Nabr Network Content Library is one additional feature on the platform that will increase your communication efficiency and make your tasks easier! As always, you can add and manage posts and use the library on the device of your choice – mobile, tablet and web.

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