• Each group has its own discussion feed and group members receive notifications.
  • Group organizers can share documents, photos, and post events to the group calendar with RSVP.
  • Setting up unlimited number of groups is fast.
  • All group content is mobile optimized; group members can make posts to their feed on desktop and mobile.

A place for neighborhood groups to interact

Connecting with fellow residents and being active in one’s homeowner association is fun, convenient and safe with Nabr Network.

Our Group Pages feature makes it easy for residents who share the same interests to connect. Starting a book club or neighborhood running group is a breeze with Nabr Network groups.

Each group can be set with their own group page with a communication feed, Smart Calendar with RSVP, photos, documents and a member directory. As a community manager or HOA admin, you have the rights to approve and disable groups, and edit their content.

The Groups Pages feature for HOAs is optimized for mobile posting and content viewing.

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