Lewisville, Texas (September 30, 2019)

Gassen Company Association Management Joins Forces with Nabr Network to Bring Proactive HOA Communication to the Communities They Manage

Nabr Network’s HOA web and mobile platform gives Gassen’s team of community association managers the proactive HOA communication tools they need to quickly and easily inform and engage HOA residents.

Gassen’s HOA mobile app Gassen Connect is improving community association communication and engagement. Nabr Network provides the technology, support, and services needed to operate Gassen Connect.

Gassen Connect offers residents access to association content on their favorite devices. Convenient email and mobile notifications deliver news to residents, keeping them informed. We are proud to support Gassen’s managers and clients with our effective and efficient HOA communication software.

About Gassen Company Association Management

Proudly based in Minnesota, Gassen has diligently served their property management and maintenance clients for over 40 years. Visit Gassen online at gassen.com.

About Nabr Network

Nabr Network is a comprehensive communication software system built for community association management companies and HOAs, condominium and other like common ownership community associations. Nabr Network’s web and mobile platform is used by community associations and management companies across the country. Just as important as great technology, Nabr Network provides unmatched customer support to management professionals, HOA boards, committees, and residents. Additional information is available at nabrnetwork.net.