• We import CCR Notices, Work Orders, and ARC Requests from your HOA accounting software to Nabr Network.
  • Managers have access to multi-community view, and can sort the data by community and status.
  • Residents view their requests & notices data on their My Account on desktop and mobile.
  • Residents can opt to receive notifications of status updates.

Seamless access to CCR Notices, Work Orders, and ARC in Nabr Network

Is your management company already using CCR Notices, Work Orders, or ARC management systems in your HOA accounting software? We can import CCR Notices, Work Orders, and Architectural Requests from the accounting software via API to Nabr Network.

Managers can access the Notices & Requests data from their Manager Dashboard. Residents have easy access to this data in their Nabr Network account on both desktop and mobile devices.

Daily Syncing of New Data

By daily syncing with the HOA accounting software side, we keep your CCR Notices & Requests data up to date in Nabr Network. Our API integration codes automatically check the Notices & Request data from your accounting software daily.

If the resident has new data associated with their account, notices, requests, or if their account status has changed, this new data will be automatically imported to Nabr Network and reflected on the Nabr Network side. Residents can opt to receive email notifications regarding these updates and status changes to their CCR Notices, Work Orders, and Architectural Requests.

Powerful Multi-Community View of the Data

On the Nabr Network side, managers have access to the imported Notices & Requests in the community management company level. They can sort and view the data by community, member name, and status of the request (open, closed and so on). Community managers tell us that they enjoy our clean and easy to use HOA web and mobile app interfaces for Notices & Requests. 

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