Technology is changing. More people are using mobile devices to browse the web than ever before. Many mobile users prefer to use a mobile app instead of a mobile website. It’s time for your brand to go mobile.

Here are three ways a branded mobile app can help boost your business.

  1. Grow your brand. A mobile app puts your brand in the hands of your customers. They are seeing it and interacting with it daily. This grows awareness of your brand. When you are using the app to push out helpful information, a positive connection with your brand will develop. You can also use your branded app as a marketing tool. Promote your dedication to modern communication in your marketing collateral and presentations. Prospective communities will be impressed with your mobile presence.


  1. Happier residents with better user experience. A branded app from Nabr Network provides your residents with a wealth of self-service opportunities. Our usability experts have designed the system to work intuitively for users of all backgrounds. Residents will be able to help themselves 24/7 all in the palm of their hand. This allows you to serve your residents better. This positive user experience creates happier communities—and happier communities renew contracts!


  1. Increase resident engagement. Push notifications from the mobile app increase the likelihood that the information you are sharing will be read. Further engage residents by posting helpful, exclusive information that they won’t get anywhere else. Engaged residents are actively involved with your brand, which means they are deepening their connection to your business.

A branded app can be a powerful tool in your toolbox. Used correctly, a branded app will delight and engage residents, which will help your business thrive.