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Community Association Websites: From Required to Inspired

Transparency and accountability matter in community associations. It’s not surprising that an increasing number of states across the country are now requiring HOAs and COAs to maintain community association websites with public access to association documents and information, under certain conditions. These new requirements create an exciting opportunity for community associations. In addition to improving...
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Nabr Network HOA Software Integration

Nabr Network and Your HOA Accounting Software: Better Together!

Nabr Network integrates with leading HOA accounting software platforms to empower owners with self-service tools and save time for community managers and Board Members. Here are the top three reasons for integrating your Nabr Network communications system with your HOA accounting software: Resident self-service. When your accounting software can “talk” to your communications software, there...
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NabrNetwork HOA Amenity Reservations

Manage HOA Amenity Reservations to Encourage Social Distancing

Manage Shared Amenity Capacity to Encourage Social Distancing with Nabr Network’s HOA Amenity Reservations System HOAs across the country are adapting in response to COVID-19 and social distancing guidelines. As states begin to reopen, community associations are faced with a new challenge: managing resident access to shared HOA amenities. As an industry partner, Nabr Network is here...
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Our Guide to Online HOA Communication During COVID-19

Back-to-Basics: Our Guide to Effective Online HOA Communication During COVID-19 As a Board Member or Community Manager, you are a trusted leader in your HOA. Residents rely on you for important news about the impact of COVID-19 in your community. More than ever, effective online HOA communication is a vital part of informing and educating...
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Nabr Network HOA Amenity Reservations

Manage and Limit HOA Amenity Capacity with Nabr Network’s Reservations System

Manage Resident Access to HOA Amenities and Encourage Social Distancing with Nabr Network’s Enhanced Reservations System HOAs across the country are adapting in response to COVID-19 and social distancing guidelines. As states begin to reopen, community associations are faced with a new challenge: managing resident access to shared HOA amenities. As an industry partner, Nabr...
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Implementing New Technology in Your HOA Management Company

You put a lot of thought into the software that you purchase for your HOA management company. It’s important that you also think about the best way to roll that software out to your team and the residents you serve. Here are a few ideas to help with the smooth implementation of your next technology...
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Nabr Network Board Morale

Building Morale in Your HOA Boards

Serving on an HOA Board can be a thankless job; however, your Board Members are vital to the operations of the communities you manage. It’s important to keep morale high so that these valuable volunteers don’t become burned out and possibly resign. Here are a few ways to boost morale in the Boards you work...
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Nabr Network Scheduled Post

Making the Most of Message Scheduling

Save time and increase communication efficiency with message scheduling. One feature of Nabr Network that Community Managers truly love is our Scheduled Post tool. Scheduling a post means that you can set up a message to go out once on a future date or on a recurring basis. Recurring posts can go out every two...
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HOA Amenity Reservation

Managing HOA Amenity Reservations Made Easy

Does your HOA have amenities that residents can reserve? If so, you know you need an efficient way of managing these HOA reservation calendars. Enter Nabr Network’s Amenity Reservation System. Our reservation system allows residents to reserve amenities easily from their computer or mobile device. You start using the system by setting up your amenities...
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Social Media HOA

Managing Social Media in Your Communities

Social media is a way of life. People are accustomed to interacting with friends, family, organizations, and businesses on social networks. It only makes sense that residents would want to interact with their community on a social platform as well. However, social networks present a unique set of challenges. Here are a few best practices...
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Making the Most of Your HOA Website

So, you’re ready to bring your association online with an HOA website? Here are a few things that will maximize the effectiveness and enjoyability of your website. Include photos of your community. Beautiful community photos will help residents easily identify with your HOA website. Photos with people in them are also great for adding a...
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How to Be a Superhero in the Associations You Manage

Not all heroes wear capes. You can be a superhero in the community associations you manage with just a little bit of effort and with help from technology. Be available. Heroes are always right where they need to be when they need to be there. Follow suit and make sure you’re in the right place...
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HOA dynamic form

The Power of Dynamic Forms

Your association likely has forms that need to be filled out by residents. Common types of forms for residents include HOA surveys, waivers, and HOA contact and feedback forms. With Nabr Network’s Dynamic Forms, residents can fill these forms out online. The form results are saved to the management area and can be automatically emailed...
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HOA ARC Management

Creating Efficiencies with Nabr Network’s ARC and Work Order Control Center

Have you ever wished there was a way to streamline your ARC process? To keep all documentation and communication in one centralized location? Nabr Network’s online ARC management system provides you with exactly what you’re looking for. Processing ARC request submissions online will improve the user experience for the resident and increase management efficiencies for...
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HOA committee tools

Bring Your Community’s Committees Online with Nabr Network’s Private Committees

Nabr Network’s private committees are a great resource for the committees in your community. Our private committees are by invitation only, keeping the committee safe and secure. Admins must start Committees and invite members to them. If a member is not invited to the Committee, they will not even see that the online Committee exists....
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HOA communication software

Giving Thanks for Your Employees

Showing your employees that you are thankful for their contribution doesn’t have to come solely in the form of bonuses and expensive perks. There are intangible – and affordable – ways to show your employees you appreciate them. Here are a few ideas. Give them technology that makes their job easier. Nothing says thank you like...
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Homeowner communication app

Six Ways to Win Over Angry Homeowners

There may be nothing you dread more than dealing with angry homeowners in the communities you manage. I don’t blame you! It’s difficult working with dissatisfied individuals. How can you take control of the situation and shift the complaints into a productive dialogue? Here are six tips. Listen! This is critical. The homeowner has a...
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Homeowner communication web software

Five Ways Nabr Network’s Support is a Big Deal

At Nabr Network, we believe the service we offer is as important as the technology we provide. Here are five things that make our support so special. Your project starts with a dedicated client services specialist (CSS). Your CSS is there to walk you through our three-phase implementation process. Implementation is easy! Your CSS does...
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HOA Violation Notices management software

Three Ways to Stay Ahead of Violation Notices

Three Ways to Stay Ahead of Violation Notices Nobody wants to receive a violation notice. As a manager, spending all day writing up notices and dealing with disgruntled homeowners is probably not your favorite thing either. How can you stop violations before they start? A little communication goes a long way! Start with making the...
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Time Management HOA manager

Tips for Effective Time Management

There are never enough hours in the day. If you are finding that your to-do list is never-ending, you may need to evaluate your time management processes. Here are a few tips that will help you manage your time more effectively. Prioritize. Start each day with a to-do list, ranked by priority. Tackle high-priority items...
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HOA mobile app

How a Branded HOA Mobile App Will Boost Your Business

Technology is changing. More people are using mobile devices to browse the web than ever before. Many mobile users prefer to use a mobile app instead of a mobile website. It’s time for your brand to go mobile. Here are three ways a branded mobile app can help boost your business. Grow your brand. A...
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HOA events management calendar

Work Smarter with Nabr Network’s Smart Calendar

Nabr Network’s Smart Calendar is not like traditional calendars you’ll find on other HOA websites. Our Smart Calendar gets the word out to your residents in the communities you manage so that they can attend important HOA events. Here are a few ways our Smart Calendar empowers you to work smarter. Automatic reminders of events....
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HOA communication ideas

Creating Content that People Actually Want to Read

If you’re using Nabr Network, you have a powerful distribution tool in your hands. Now the only question is what type of content to share. Below are some tips for creating content that your residents will want to read. Use a strong subject line. Sometimes the subject line is the only part of your post...
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Nabr Network news

James Garner Named President of Nabr Network

Lewisville, Texas (May 30, 2018) –Nabr Network, the leading mobile and web communication system built specifically for community management companies and their associations, announced today that James Garner has been named President of Nabr Network. Prior to his role as President, Garner served as Vice President of Business Development. Garner will continue to oversee all...
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Nabr Network features for residents

Saving Time with Self-Service Opportunities

Self-service opportunities enable residents to help themselves. Nabr Network’s HOA website and mobile app solution offers several self-service features that will empower your residents and save you time. Online Forms. Nabr Network’s dynamic forms feature allows residents to fill out forms online. Residents can easily find the forms online without contacting your office. The completed...
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HOA management software technology

Making Good Decisions on Technology Can Be a Game Changer for Your Company

There is a lot to consider when investing in technology for your community association management company. Here are three factors to keep in mind as you evaluate your tech options. Ease of Use. Technology must be user-friendly. Ideally, it is intuitive and doesn’t require extensive training. The best technology allows you to jump right in...
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HOA Account Management Software

Homeowner Member Accounts Management Made Easy

Managing large homeowner association member databases can be a massive task. If you are already using software for HOA accounting, you have likely spent a great deal of time setting these homeowner member accounts and maintaining the homeowner data. When you sign up to use Nabr Network, we want to make sure the workload for...
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HOA mobile app

10 Reasons Why Your Residents Love using their HOA Mobile App

Whether you are offering a branded mobile app with a custom name and logo, or our Nabr Network mobile app, your residents will experience several benefits from using their HOA mobile app for iPhone and Android. Here are the top 10 reasons for selecting Nabr Network’s mobile app solution to boost residents’ self-service capabilities and...
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HOA software features

Five Reasons Why Management Companies are Switching to Nabr Network

There has been a change in the community association management industry. Once, there were a few limited options for communications software, but now community management companies have a choice. Increasingly, management companies are choosing Nabr Network for their association communication needs. Below are five reasons why management companies are making the switch to Nabr Network....
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Four Helpful Communications Habits That You Can Adopt Today

Communication is a known challenge in the community association industry. Here are four habits that you can start working on today to improve communication with the associations you manage. Be proactive. Stop questions before they start by anticipating residents’ needs. When you proactively share HOA information, you demonstrate to residents that you take communication seriously....
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How Nabr Network’s Manager Dashboard Will Maximize Your Efficiency

Are you frustrated with having to log in and out of different websites and systems to manage your neighborhood associations? In Nabr Network you don’t have to. We’ve designed a streamlined dashboard to help community association managers work more efficiently. Here are a few of the ways our dashboard will help you work smarter. Manage...
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Three Ways to Distinguish Your Management Company

The community association management industry is highly competitive. When HOA boards are looking to make a management change, they request proposals from several companies. How do you ensure your company stands above the rest?   Demonstrate a commitment to communication and transparency. Prospective HOA boards may have been burned by management companies in the past....
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Promoting your HOA Communication Platform to Residents

“If you build it, they will come,” is not quite applicable to software. You’re one step ahead of the game by offering Nabr Network platform for the HOA communities you manage. Now the question is, how do you get the word out and boost residents’ participation? Here are a few tried and true techniques to...
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Show your HOAs the Love: Best Practices for Providing Excellent Support

At Nabr Network, we take technical support seriously. Reflecting on our support style, I’ve developed a list of support best practices. This list extends beyond technical support; it is relevant to any type of resident support you provide as a community association manager. Be proactive. Identify trends and look for ways to solve these problems...
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Creating Great Customer Service Experiences for HOAs

We all know it’s more cost-effective to retain a current client than to try to acquire a new one; however, customer churn is a struggle for many association management companies. How do you turn a current customer into a lifelong client? By offering an unmatched level of service. Creating great customer service experiences is one...
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API Easy as ABC

API is a short acronym, but many people find it is not short on confusion. APIs don’t need to be intimidating; in fact, they can greatly improve customer service and operational efficiencies. API stands for application program interface. In a nutshell, an API is a set of code and specifications that software programs use to...
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Meeting HOA Mobile App Expectations

Think about the mobile apps on your smartphone. You probably have a banking app, utilities apps, retail apps, etc. There’s an app for almost everything. We have come to expect the ease of mobile apps, but what makes them so indispensable? Here are three primary expectations we have from our mobile apps and why they...
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New Year’s Resolutions that will Advance Your CAM Company

We often think of New Year’s resolutions as a way to define personal goals for the coming year; however, your business will also benefit when you clearly identify future objectives. How do you set a company New Year’s resolution? First, decide on an area of your business that you want to improve, develop a plan...
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Holiday Communications Checklist for Community Associations

Plan community associations communications in advance for a more enjoyable holiday Holidays can be a stressful time of year for many people. There are work parties…shopping…family visits…it’s a lot to keep track of. Let’s face it, no one is taking time out of their busy holiday schedule to review associations rules and regulations. Give the...
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Mobile Apps and Mobile Websites: What’s the Difference?

Communications have gone mobile, but what exactly does that mean? Members of the CAM industry – like yourself – are stepping up their communication game. You know you need to offer a mobile solution, but maybe you aren’t sure which mobile technology is right for the HOAs you manage. Both mobile apps and mobile websites...
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