• Streamlined communication creates HOA management efficiencies
  • ARC system is easy to integrate with your current setup
  • Automatic notifications reduce phone calls from HOA residents and saves you time
  • Included in your Nabr Network software

For streamlined and customizable processing of ARC Requests

Processing ARC request submissions online improves the user experience for the resident and increases HOA management efficiencies.

An ARC management system needs to correctly reflect the HOA’s ARC request submission and processing steps in order to give your management company and Architectural Review Committee flexibility during the process. Your ARC software should offer you ways to customize your processing steps to reflect your real-life practices and needs in your HOAs.

For instance, we give you the flexibility to decide and set who can process ARC requests, if board members can leave notes and attachments, when can an application be resubmitted and what is the allowed processing time for the ARC request.

With Nabr Network’s ARC Management system you get a robust suite of features for your ARC management – while being able to customize the software system’s settings according to your HOA’s practice and administrative and Architectural Review Committee’s needs.

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