• Manage amenity capacity and set limits to the number of resident reservations
  • Allow recurring reservations and set allowed times
  • Automate reservation approval or approve manually
  • Set available days, hours and headcount limits for each amenity
  • Integrate reservation process with required online form filling
  • Set reservation payments to be made on the Nabr Network platform

Let residents easily make amenity reservations by using our HOA Amenity Reservation System for desktop and mobile.

Create an unlimited number of reservation calendars for your HOA and community amenities. Each amenity’s reservation calendar can be set with custom dates and time slots for available reservations. The reservations can be approved either automatically or manually.

Our HOA amenity reservation system is very easy and flexible: you can create any kind of amenity/facility listing – party room, tennis courts, clubhouse facility – and a corresponding reservation calendar is created for the facility. The number of listed facilities for reservations are unlimited, so you can create a reservation calendar for each tennis court if you like. You can set the available days and times open for reservation in the HOA calendar and the manager or administrator has the option to automatically or manually approve the reservation. Of course Nabr Network’s automation sends an email to the resident giving them the status of their reservation.

The Amenity Reservation System is a great feature for busy residents who want to be able to make an amenity reservation by using Nabr Network’s HOA communication management app on their smartphones.

NEW: Integrated Online Form Filling

Some amenity reservations may require residents to submit an online form such as a mandatory waiver form or contact form. The Nabr Network Amenity Reservations System allows admins to prompt an online form filling to a resident when they make a reservation. The system makes sure that residents are filling the required forms, and that admins can see the form results integrated with the reservation. If a form is not filled, admin can set the system not to approve the reservation.

NEW: Reservation Payments

Does a reservation to a community amenity require a reservation fee? You can request amenity reservation payments on Nabr Network. When a resident makes a reservation, they can be requested to make a payment immediately on your community site / app, without needing to leave the Nabr Network platform.  You can also set the criteria for approval of a reservation to check that the payment has been made.

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