Six Ways to Take HOA Communication to the Next Level

Is your community association falling behind in its ways to get a message across to residents? Does your HOA repeatedly deal with misunderstandings, negative feedback, or low attendance rates at community gatherings?

Do your residents contact the office about the same HOA code issues over and over again? Nabr Network is designed for HOAs to effectively communicate with residents. Here are the top six ways to modernize your HOA communication practices with Nabr Network’s association management and communication application:

Use a Private Community Network

Nabr Network has built-in a unique Community Feed that is a private community network just for your HOA. The residents in your community can participate in the network by making posts and responding to various topics regarding your community and neighborhood living. By subscribing to Nabr Network, your HOA shows that it wants to give a voice to your residents. Nabr Network is a positive communication platform that can help to positively engage the residents in your community. Learn more about the Community Feed.

Take Control Over Any Abusive Talk

The Nabr Network Community Feed is designed for appropriate conversations. We have language filters in place to moderate the conversation. As an HOA administrator you will have full control to monitor any posts in the Community Feed. Our Nabr Network admins also monitor the Community Feeds and will notify the association in case of any misuse. Since the Community Feed is a private password protected network you can address any issues privately without worrying about detailed Internet tracking of any issues you are encountering. As an Admin you can decide if posts can be replied to or not.

Create a Modern Web & Brand Presence

Nabr Network is your hub for all your community information. Your Nabr Network community site will be setup with plenty of pages for all your HOA information and brand images. And, you will have control over all the content. Your community pages are integrated with an easy-to-use content management system that allows your HOA Admins to update and add content to pages displayed on web and mobile. Whether you want to edit descriptive text, upload new documents or add new photos to a Photo Album we have you covered. Our support team is always ready to help you.

Control Privacy Settings

Nabr Network let’s your association set the privacy settings for your documents. Your HOA Admin can classify a document to be viewable for the entire public or just for the residents and/or association board members. You can upload as many documents as needed, and set each document with a privacy setting. To access a member-only-document a user will need to log in. This is a great way to protect sensitive documents such as financial statements.

Dominate Mobile Platform with mobile web, iOS App & Android App

When you subscribe to Nabr Network your community users have an option to download a mobile iOS and/or Android App. We also offer your HOA web presence and all private features in a mobile-friendly format. Smartphone users can scan the Community Feed efficiently and create Community Feed posts with just a few clicks. All interfaces in the Community Feed are user-intuitive and specifically designed and developed for mobile. Our mobile development team tests the features weekly and continues pushing seamless upgrades to the codes. Read more about Nabr’s mobile solutions.

Use All Modern Notification Methods

A cool feature developed for the Community Feed is that members are not required to log in every day to find out what’s new in their neighborhood. According to the chosen notification settings, community members can receive notifications as frequently as they want, for instance every time a new post has been posted to the Community Feed. Nabr Network wants to make sure that community members have all modern notification options available to choose from: email notifications, iOS push notifications, Android notifications and SMS text message notifications. HOA admins find these notifications especially useful in the case of an immediate need for a maximum community reach-out.